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Every step counts. Wonder what the smallest step or best step is for you today?

Vision Board Work- shops

Lene Nielsen is your workshop guide After 20 years of experience with learning and development in large organizations I found the courage to follow my dreams by using the vision board techniques. I have added passion and mindfulness to the tested and tried concept and look forward to sharing the tools and the experience with you.

Visualize your dreams

Boost your energy and quality of life. What does your dream life look like?
Looking for peaceful time to create clarity and prioritize what is important to you?
This is your chance – on the workshop you will: Create your own vision board for the coming year. Be in a gentle and loving online space to feel what is right for you. Find words and images of your dreams this year - visualized, prioritized. All tools, materials, inspiration and guidance if you wish. Be part of 3 amazing online sessions and the gentle and caring energy.

Tested and Tried Online

- 3 x 3 hours online via Zoom
– alternating between video on and off to give ample amounts of time just for you and a chance to be part of the beautiful energy we create when we show up and prioritize ourselves and thereby also hold the space for others to do the same.
- session materials included. Postage depending on your address - 3 Sundays in a row 3-6pm CET

1:1 Time and Space - For You

We rely on our mind’s capacity for daily goal orientation – and it is a great help for that.
With our Hearts – we bring in the unseen energy and intension – that weaves into the daily tasks and makes them come alive in an energy and flow of balance and unity.

Inspired and encouraged by the Heartmath Institute, I am so happy to share that the heart sends more signals to the brain than the brain sends to the heart. Aha. That means that. We see and impact the World based on how we feel – and that is one more reason for us to take our feelings serious.

Often many things are working out for us, and our job title may even seem perfect. Yet something is not quite right. The strong connection to ourselves, our heart and soul is missing in daily life as it is today. It doesn’t mean that everything has to change – but it can.

Coaching is not about fixing. It is the ingredient that when added, enhances our way of being and helps us make an awesome living by just being who we are.


A beautiful way to listen to yourself ☺
Be sure to let me know if you would like to arrange for these sessions to take place in a different place than my place.

Access Your Energy

1 hour

 In the area of Sondrup or somewere else that works for you ��
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Raise your energy Bars

3 hours

Give yourself time to tune into what you want to have more of or maybe let go of in your life, and consciously set the scene for this time for you.

Enjoy an Access Bars® session of approx. one hour and take time to BE with your experiences from the session, enjoying your energy, taking notes, a breath of fresh air, sharing if you wish.

Book on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
 In the area of Sondrup or somewhere else that works for you ��
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Gateway 2 next level energy

3 hours – to share with a friend 

Share the ‘Raise your energy bars’ experience with a friend.

Combine the gentle power of listening to yourself and the long-lasting impact of sharing your time and journey with someone special.

Book on Tuesday afternoons and Wednesdays
 In the area of Sondrup or somewhere else that works for you ��
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