It is ok to be kind to you, too

When we give ourselves and our dreams the time and space we deserve  – we can suddenly see many more options and ways to BE the one we want to be DO the things we want to do and HAVE the things in our lives that we treasure

1:1 presence / coaching & mentoring

With experience working in corporate business and the sensitivity of a heartful soul, I invite you to meet the world from a place that is true and authentically YOU

Notebooks / Onboarding Compass / Articulate Art

You can create, too.
E.g. a notebook – crafted and designed for you to capture, appreciate and realize your mountain of great ideas – and help you to really get on board in your new job and in everyday life



My story in books / Vision Board Workshops / Scheduling Extravaganza / Positive Intelligence in Mental Fitness

We don’t need to journey alone. By owning our story, we can find the comfort, inspiration and support we
need to realize our dreams

Celebrating you!

 Join other warmhearted women, with Donia Becker and I for the
 Scheduling Extravaganza experience of Weekly Planning for what I really want. Drop in online for 1 hour on either Tuesdays and Thursdays .

 This is a time for you to find what is important for you and plan how to do what makes you happy in the week ahead.
eel your personal empowerment, ease and joy increase week after week.



Succes takes hard HEART work 



Succeed in the world that we have created, while embracing your heart and following your dreams


A notebook is a listening device that reminds us that we are worth listening to


Online and in the beautiful countryside in Denmark

About Me

Hi I am Lene!

I navigate by the empowering question ”How heart can it be? ”Making an awesome living – by just being me – and helping others do the same is my love-filled journey. This story is shared as part of my chapter in the anthology ‘Mastering the Game of Life’.


My dream is to continue to follow my heart, to rise and shine brighter as who I am, and to help you find your way to unfold your unique talents and live a meaningful life – day by day, week by week by using creative techniques that will help you get clarity, create meaning, visualize and realize your dreams.


Your Heart's Desire

What makes you happy today?

Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. Strength comes from overcoming the things you once thought you could not do.

- Rikki Rogers

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June 2021


June 2021


June 2021

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Happy Clients!

The most important measure of success is each client’s experience

Lene brings in love and clarity into every moment. She has a unique way of bringing in what is important to my heart in any given situation. After every session with Lene, my feelings of angst are magically transformed to ease.

Empowerment Coach

I have had the most fantastic and enlightening experience doing Lene’s Vision Board Workshop. Wow. I had high expectations, but they were met thousandfold.

Writer and Speaker