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Vision Board Work-shops

Click here to join the workshop in Denmark 19 June 2021

After 20 years of experience with learning and development in large organizations I found the courage to follow my dreams by using vision boards. These are tested and tried techniques that that I add passion and mindfulness to and gently guide you to also have the courage to visualize and follow your dreams even more.

"This should be every solo-preneurs annual development dialogue with themselves" - Susanne

Visualize Your Dreams

What does your dream life look like? In this amazing workshops with a gentle and caring energy you will have peaceful time to create clarity and prioritize what is important to you.
In the workshop you will have time to reflect about what you want to be, do and have in your life. Create your own vision board for the coming year. Work in a way that most of us don't usually work; Use intuition, exploring what you want more of in your life and what really speaks to you and makes you happy. Approach the day as an avenue to deep insights or a fun and creative time, or both. Find words and images of your dreams for this year - enjoy to see it being visualized, prioritized. At the end of the day you have your own vision board for year ahead. All tools, inspiration and guidance is included.

Tested and Tried Online

3 x 3 hours online via Zoom
or 9 hours in Denmark
In these workshops you will start the process the minute you sign up - the invitation to explore the dreams and desires is ignited. clearly see your current situation: this allows you to see and feel new perspectives of your heart's desire.
Something magical sparks when we come together in these workshops. You will discover new ways to understand and express what you really want. Not what your family or friends want for you. What you really want for you!

Coaching and mentoring

My coaching and mentoring style is inspired and guided by the Heartmath Institute. Their research shows that the heart sends more signals to the brain than the brain sends to the heart. That means that we see and impact the wolrd and our life based on how we feel – and that is one more reason for us to take our feelings seriously.

Many of my clients are successful women. They don’t have anything specific to fix, things are working out for them, and our job title may even seem perfect. Yet something is not quite right. This is often found to be caused by a lack of strong connection to themselves. It turns out that the link to their heart and soul is disconnected in their daily life. This is where I can help. 

We work together to strengthen this empowering connection and and brin gin the unseen energy and intention. It is the heart energy that weaves into the daily tasks that makes us come alive in an energy of flow, balance and abundance.








When we feel that things are super challenging – a 20 minute talk can make a world of difference.
My friends have called me for these sessions all my life – and I can help you, too.


Because none of us have to journey alone

Positive Intelligence

6 weeks of Inspired practice: Mental Fitness program

What if I told you in just 15 minutes a day you could have breakthrough results in any area of life you are currently challenged in? 
In partnership wtih Donia Becker, we are Introducing the PQ Program by Stanford Lecturer and New York Bestseller of Positive Intelligence, Shirzad Charmine under the guidance and support from Donia Becker and I.
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Raise your Energy Bars

Choose 1 or 3 hour session – in person

Give yourself time to tune into what you want to have more of or maybe let go of in your life, and consciously set the scene for this time for you.

Enjoy an Access Bars® session of approx. 1 hour and add another two hours to your time for you to BE with your experiences from the session, enjoying your energy, being creative, taking notes, a breath of fresh air, sharing/coaching as you wish.

Book in the area of Sondrup
or somewhere else that works for you 


Gateway 2 Next Level Energy Bars

3 hours – in person session for 2 people

Share the ‘Raise your energy bars’ experience with a friend.

Combine the gentle power of listening to yourself and the long-lasting impact of sharing your time and journey with someone special.
Increase the value of the experience by being two, and get a discount compared to booking a session for each of you.

Book in the area of Sondrup
or somewhere else that works for you.