Manifesting Love
Mastering the Game of Life
Life Shift Experiences
are wonderful anthologies where writers, like Lene, each share a chapter of their life story and experiences.
A piece of the magic of sharing our story is that we thereby give others permission to share as well – and when you share you can learn, heal and can reach new levels of gratitude – what’s
not to like?”

Dr. Andrea Pennington

Manifesting Love

Real life stories of conscious relationships including my personal story of my journey from divorcee and single mom, to making room for love again. This is also a chance to learn more about attachment styles and how to heal old wounds and deal with unspoken expectations and of course all about Manifesting Love.

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Mastering the Game of Life

22 global co-authors and game-changers share their stories of transformation and make donations to plant food forests in Ghana with the co-creation of Mastering the Game of Life. If you are curious to find out how my company got the name ‘How heart can it be?’ this is the place to find the answer and insights into the power of vision board workshops as a change agent.

Get your kindle version from Amazon and your signed copy of the book from Lene-zon

Life Shift Experiences

Ten personal life-shift stories to inspiring us to think about the turning points in our own lives, too. Until recently I never thought that I would ever publish anything because I was so challenged to put things in writing. Now I know that an undiscovered dyslexia can be a gift and that: “Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. Strength comes from overcoming the things you once thought you could not do” as Rikki Rogers says it so beautifully.

Get your kindle version from Amazon and your signed copy of the book from Lene-zon


Creating space – for us to listen to our hearts.

Why not make your own notebook?

All you need is:
5-10 pieces of A4 paper of any color
1 meter of thin string or ribbon
1 pair of scissors

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Epublications in Danish

This is the danish version of Lene’s chalpter: My Way to New Love, published in Manifesting Love 

Min vej til ny kærlighed
Af Lene Nielsen
Om hvordan det gik op for mig, at min søn havde mistet begge sine forældre i skilsmissen, selvom det reelt kun var den ene af os, der var flyttet om på den anden side af jorden.



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